The end of the semester is here and finals are just around the corner! This semester has flown by. However, I have learned a great deal in my Sport’s Marketing class. A lot of material has been covered since we started in January. We have looked at how the differences of sport marketing and marketing through a sport. In Sport Marketing, they are 5 P’s instead of 4 like tradition marketing. We also learned about sport facilities and how the construction of the facility is created for that specific location. Another aspect we learned about was the different ways to segment your target market and how to determine what potential consumers to target. Technology was incorporated in class and blog posts were assigned so we could broaden our horizons regarding the internet and changing professional world. Lastly, we had a group project that focused on one sport’s team at our college and what we could do to increase brand awareness for that team from what we have learned throughout the semester.

The following are my five takeaways that I believe I can use in my profession career from the Sport’s Marketing course.

  1. I have never had a blog before but this class has given me a chance to get my feet wet in this area and allow me to write at a more profession level since people have access to my blog.
  2. A different perspective. This course looks at things from perspective you don’t normally use. It has helped me think more outside the box.
  3. Utilizing technology. Social media is very important in today’s world. Keeping up with technology and social media is an important key to success in whatever I may do in the future.
  4. Collaboration with peers. The group project has given me more experience working with peers and this will carry over into the workforce.
  5. Always striving to do my best even if it isn’t measured. Having the self-assessments made me study even though I still got 20 points no matter how well I did. It paid off at the end when I took the final exam because I studied throughout the semester which allowed me to get a good grade on the final. This is something I can use in the workplace as well.

I can’t believe in a few short days classes are over and soon I will be walking across the stage to receive my diploma. Sport marketing was enjoyable and Professor Conrad was so fun! Now the real world starts!