One assignment we had in our Sport’s Marketing course was taking a look at the Oregon Ducks and their success of being innovative and creative when it comes to their athletic department’s branding. The big question was “How did the Ducks do it?”

The Oregon Ducks paired up with Nike back in 1995 for a re-branding experiment. Since then, Nike has given a helping hand in regards to the athletics at Oregon University. From this source I found out what Nike did to help Oregon to go in the direction of creativity and innovation. Changes included updates to facilities to new uniform designs.

The University also looked into “going green.” They paired up with the City of Eugene, the home of the Oregon Ducks, and a local organization called Track Town USA. With these partners, the entire campus made efforts toward going green and sustainability. One thing the Ducks decided to was look at the energy use, waste management, and transportation of events on campus. The University has received several awards for their efforts. This information can be found here.

Branding is promoted through the selling of apparel which can be found at the Duck’s online store. The The categories include Men’s, Ladies, and Kid apparel along with accessories, jerseys, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. Other novelty items available are personalized photos and panoramic stadium images.

Promotions for tickets is also another way the Ducks promote their brand. There is different promotions that are offered at each game to get more involvement from the local community and student body. Ticket promotion can be found here.

Having corporate sponsorships are another way teams promote their brands. The Duck’s corporate sponsors can be found on their athletic’s website.

We can’t forget about social media for branding. This link will take you to the page where you can find all social media links to stay connected with the Oregon Ducks.

The Ducks have been very success in regards to re-branding. They may have had some help from Nike to get the ball rolling, but the Ducks have become one of the most innovative and creative teams in the nation.

-B. Spencer