This week’s blog posts asked us to look at an NCAA D-II college sport organization’s use of social media. I chose to look at the university in my hometown which is Alderson- Broaddus University. Taking a look at their site, it’s easy to see what social media platforms the Battlers are using. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

The Battler’s Facebook page has different posts on each sport that range from schedules to new hires within the sport organization. The same goes for their twitter page.  On YouTube, you can view different videos from game highlights to different events happening on campus. The Instagram page has a variety a pictures of sporting events, the campus, and students.

I believe the Battlers have a strong social media presence. However, there is room for improvement. The following are my thoughts on how they can do just that:

  1. Have challenges on campus for their different social media sites to see which one gets the most likes on something, such as a post or video from a sporting event.
  2. Have an Instagram challenge for the best hashtags about the university.
  3. Get the local community involved. Have a promotion of free admission to a game if they like their page and share the post.
  4. Declare a Batter’s Day and have anyone tag ABU in their posts of them wearing AB apparel or how they show their Battler pride.

Those are a few suggestions I think ABU can use to increase their social media activity with students and local communities.

-B. Spencer