The Vice President of Digital Platforms for the Milwaukee Bucks, Mike Grahl, had a presentation for Sport Marketing with Millennials. Mr. Grahl has been with the Bucks for 17 seasons. The main role for his job is interactive marketing.

Overall, the video was Mr. Grahl explaining what marketing to millennials is and what techniques that entails. It is different than traditional marketing. The Milwaukee Bucks gets their audience interested and engages them in what they are doing so they will keep coming back, whether the team is having a good season or not.

Taking a step back and looking how West Virginia Wesleyan College, a DII school, could incorporate some of the techniques discussed by Mr. Grahl, I believe will a few techniques will benefit the athletic department. The following four reasons are techniques I feel WVWC could take advantage of to boost attendance and community involvement with the entire athletic department of the college.

  1. Recruiting new players and making a story so the audience is interested.
  2. Selfies with players. Fans (especially millennials) love selfies and this could increase branding because selfies will be uploaded to all social media platforms.
  3. Show players’ interests to the fans and have a sweepstakes or drawing so a fan can do something with a player.
  4. Have an interesting half-time show to engage the audience.

By: Brittany S.