Our assignment was to find 2 advertisements for sport organizations and identify and discuss the state-of-being and state-of-mind segmentation used by the organization.  We also have to discuss if we feel the ad does/does not effectively communicate to the intended audience.

After some research, I have found the following 2 videos.

Video 1

This advertisement is for the National Hockey League. The state-of-being for this advertisement would be geographic because the video shows different players from different teams and how they become a part of their team and get support from the fans even though they grew up in a different place. For the state-of-mind aspect, I believe it touches on interest as well as values and lifestyles. I feel that this ad does effectively communicate to the intended audience, which is all hockey fans, to watch the new season that is about to begin.

Video 2

This advertisement is for the new NBA 2k17 game. Age is the main state-of-being used for this ad. It’s more towards teens and young adults that are interested in video games. The state-of-mind aspect leans more towards interest in this video because they are wanting to get individuals interested in video games to buy the newest NBA game. I think this advertisement also effectively communicates to the intended audience and gets them excited to purchase the latest video game.

As I was searching for advertisements for this assignment, I came across a video I found was really neat because I love Christmas. It’s called Jingle Hoops. Check it out!