Chapter 4 in our textbook, Sport Marketing by Mullin, Hardy, Sutton, references numerous syndicated data sources that aids sport marketing. Below are three additional sources I have found that are not referenced in the textbook.


The Sport Business Research Network is unique in that it offers sport marketing analytics to the academic community. There are numerous colleges and universities across the United States that subscribe to this network for marketing courses. It provides information for fans, participants, venues for games, and buyers of sporting goods.


This company provides sport marketing research by conducting cost-effective research through online and telephone based methods. They cover a wide range of leagues, associations, and sport organizations such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, and even fantasy teams for each sport.

Plunkett Research, Ltd.

Established in 1985, Plunkett Research is used by top corporations throughout the world, consultants, universities, libraries, and government agencies. Their focus is on saving time and effort when top research is needed to set you apart from others.

Using marketing research and understanding it will only bring you closer to your target market and fans. The following commercial is a great example of stirring up emotions of a consumer to motivate them to achieve more or be creative. It’s Sport Needs Creators by Adidas.

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