In class Friday, a marketing commercial was brought to our attention. There’s a new Popeye’s commercial with a famous football player, Jerry Rice. But what’s new about another commercial that has a famous athlete? Social media has been on fire with nasty comments and backlash for this particular marketing advertisement. Some people believe it’s racist and others simply think it’s a funny marketing commercial that stirs up an appetite for wings during the big game.

I have never been a big sports person or ate at Popeye’s, so looking at this commercial from my point of view I don’t have the sports attachment nor the love of Popeye’s food like so many other Americans do. However, I personally feel this is just a funny commercial to get people to have Popeye’s food during game days. I have seen better sport marketing advertisements before, but when I watched this in class, I just saw the promotion of wings with a very well-known football player. That’s it. I never had any thoughts of race. Why must people make a mountain out of a mole hill? If you like football, great. If you like chicken wings, great. And if you like football and chicken wings, then get ya some wings while you enjoy that game!