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The end of the semester is here and finals are just around the corner! This semester has flown by. However, I have learned a great deal in my Sport’s Marketing class. A lot of material has been covered since we... Continue Reading →

Oregon Duck Assignment

One assignment we had in our Sport’s Marketing course was taking a look at the Oregon Ducks and their success of being innovative and creative when it comes to their athletic department's branding. The big question was “How did the... Continue Reading →

NCAA D-II: Alderson-Broaddus University

This week’s blog posts asked us to look at an NCAA D-II college sport organization’s use of social media. I chose to look at the university in my hometown which is Alderson- Broaddus University. Taking a look at their site,... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Ravens

I am not a huge sports enthusiast. So, for this blog post assignment we were asked to look at the sponsors/partnerships of one of our favorite profession teams. How can I pick a team when I’m not into sports? Well,... Continue Reading →

Sensory Branding

Evan Brown, the author of Paving the Way to Improve Brand Experiences: Sense & Sensibility! blog writes how branding with sensory branding is important. He goes through each of the five senses and elaborates how it will influence a brand.... Continue Reading →

Sport Marketing with Millenials

The Vice President of Digital Platforms for the Milwaukee Bucks, Mike Grahl, had a presentation for Sport Marketing with Millennials. Mr. Grahl has been with the Bucks for 17 seasons. The main role for his job is interactive marketing. Overall,... Continue Reading →

Sport Organization Advertisements – Blog post 4

Our assignment was to find 2 advertisements for sport organizations and identify and discuss the state-of-being and state-of-mind segmentation used by the organization.  We also have to discuss if we feel the ad does/does not effectively communicate to the intended audience.... Continue Reading →

Marketing research and advertising – Blog post 3

Chapter 4 in our textbook, Sport Marketing by Mullin, Hardy, Sutton, references numerous syndicated data sources that aids sport marketing. Below are three additional sources I have found that are not referenced in the textbook. SBRnet The Sport Business Research... Continue Reading →

Football and chicken wings – Blog post #2

In class Friday, a marketing commercial was brought to our attention. There’s a new Popeye’s commercial with a famous football player, Jerry Rice. But what’s new about another commercial that has a famous athlete? Social media has been on fire... Continue Reading →

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